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Handle network said the hotel channels blocked by opponents not respond Ctrip
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Dec. 23 news websites handle domestic buy Wu Bo, CEO (microblogging) Micro-Bo broke the news yesterday in Tencent, the hotel channel just on the line to face blocked. The incident sparked concern about the majority of users, there are users suspected behind Ctrip is the largest, Ctrip will not respond to this. It is understood that handle Net on Saturday, Shandong Provincial Tourism Bureau in Beijing announced that they will buy on tourism products, in an effort to create "handles hospitality Shandong" Tourism buy brands. Wu Bo, CEO handle the ceremony also announced the channel's on-line hotel, buy launch services segment of the hotel. However, only a few days apart, Tencent micro-Bo Wu Bo broke the news that is, handles the hotel channel network to suffer just blocked on the line. "Really no choice, only the 'Let the bullets fly,' but no matter how difficult, as long as our customers need, we will stick to it!" Wu Bo pointed out that the ban does not handle network and whom, but he admitted that the hotel industry "water" deep, with enterprises in the name of the name of protection to prevent businesses involved in price buy event, and let the hotel take down the information related to buy. "There have been pulled out of our hotel information, and some hotels did not do so, they do not do this hotel mainly because not enough customers to bring the other side." Wu Bo Bo trigger micro hot friends, online travel site Ctrip, eLong, and reached the online travel market, Taobao will soon have a suspect. Ctrip as the online travel market is currently the oldest, single quarter total revenue of more than 100 million U.S. dollars, of which revenues from the hotel reservations accounted for 40%, and hard work in the field of hotel reservations for many years, has a deep network of contacts. Ctrip is the most likely natural accused of "behind." In this regard, do not want to respond to Ctrip area, said there may handle network in speculation by Ctrip. ELong, Taobao also handle network did not "ban speech" to respond. It is reported that there is more in the area of electronic commerce has been banned from the event. Previously, B2C website Dangdang Jingdong off books and World War II, accused Dangdang Jingdong that other publishers through the monopoly supplier not to Jingdong, Amazon has publicly voiced Jingdong, said Dangdang contrary to the principle of fair competition. In addition, to curb the rapid expansion of Jingdong, the United States have issued blocking orders Suning, require suppliers to put forward to reduce the supply requirements to Jingdong, Jingdong Mall CEO Liu Qiang East (microblogging) is back, in essence, is a block species of monopoly profits, trying to stifle competition and maintain their own vested profits. Some analysts have pointed out that with the further development of e-commerce, new business models keep the old business model an impact in the future to "ban" the event may also continue to occur.