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Women try to sleep as the hotel by parents against the thousands of monthly sa
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Graduation girl famous Jing Zhuang, over million salary, can such a "gravy" but the parents were strongly opposed. Called her try to sleep, "test bed" of professional fancy Chuang Ching youth and beauty, Zhuang Jing do "try to sleep" because of high salaries and challenges. Comments of a new era of network product of culture, is a new attitude to the challenges people to the traditional concept of social morality issues. Questioned the parents and guests, social and moral bottom line, website and business between the "battle of wits" contest, at 23:00 on December 10 Dragon TV, "broadcast the East Room," will discuss the hotel "try to sleep," controversy. Dragon TV "Oriental Room Live" broadcast "beauty" try to sleep, "sleep out what tricks? "Record the following for the show: In the end is "dubious" or "new challenges"? The so-called "test bed" is just a new concept of speculation, Zhuang Jing's more appropriate name for this job should be "hotel experience are." Search Hotels, the hotel and write reviews published to the user types the majority of users of the proposed hotel accommodation - this is a monthly salary of thousands try to sleep all the work. But for scholarly family background Chuang Ching, lists three reasons for her parents strongly opposed the work of its members try to sleep: 1. "Dubious" of the occupation, Zhuang Jing parents think that as graduates of famous universities, should be summarized expertise, to play professional expertise, to find a stable job, and not with the "sleep" is not related to the three non-word Four of the occupation, the title to two elderly disgust. 2. Unstable, so forth, "the girls run around looking for this kind of work too hard," Zhuang Jing's father, daughter hope to do civil servants in an office, for this is the girl that some of his life. 3. Of love life, Zhuang Jing Tanhunlunjia also to age, on account of this work led to the breakup with her boyfriend. However, many young people to believe that the current employment situation is grim, and so a high-paying work like himself, taking advantage of young, why do not you dare to try it? Guests made the scene even try to sleep is the argument to support high professional Chuang Ching. The traditional concept of a life change and personal autonomy, Zhuang Jing in contradiction with the parents apparently accounted for this edge. "Test bed" where the "trial" a fair? The scene in the show, guests were also made on the Jing Zhuang has been questioned. Students who have just graduated through the proposed their own "one-sided" experience suggested to get over million salary, which is not too easy? What is behind the interests of the industry in the drive to appear? A try to sleep can not sleep all over a hotel room, his comments on the limitations and show a strong one-sidedness. Programs directed at the scene to come to a User Ching Chong "irresponsible." According to Zhuang Jingbo off the users on the proposals selected Zhuang Jing slept in the hotel again, but in the end that the actual difference between the recommended check-in and Chong Ching "galaxy." As another example, try to sleep a different subjective feelings will affect their overall impression of the hotel. Comments comments online social impact force is quite sizable, erroneous and false information will receive a direct result of the interests of consumers against the various aspects. Not without a professional experience of the students, whether to take on this social responsibility, voices of doubt after another. However, Zhuang Jing deny myself a sharer, she has been dedicated to doing the job. If you encounter poor service and staff, which is reflected the imperfect training of hotel staff, and can not explain the text of her comments are not fair. "Test bed" the interests of the secret behind Now get this paid, Zhuang Jing ask guests debate "behind you is not driven by interest, such as the hotel's ad writers ... ..." In this regard, Zhuang Jing has always insisted he was just a manifestation of the objective given by his comments, the wage the company is given, there is no advertising is suspect. Puzzling at all, the show scene came a "taster", the "taster," said the hotel needs some time to push the new food, food that friends do after your comment. That civilians in network marketing, extensive technology today, how to keep buyers and sellers Yan Geke integrity, maintain their own social and moral bottom line, has become a profound and urgent need to address social problems. "Try to sleep," Ching Chong said that he and "taster" is different, but how to maintain their objectivity, and she behind the companies, hotels, friends ... ... a lot of interests? Her salary is which benefits the interests of ... ... "Hotels try to sleep" in the end is a new career with the enjoyment of the work of nature, or with a strange gray color of the industry? Is not "the hotel try to sleep," the profession itself is no problem, but our thinking is too complicated for it? Chong Qing to go from here? "The East Live Room" will open the truth.