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Hotel industry to cancel "small six" is still available in most hotels in Weiha
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Wash to bring their own daily lives hotels, hotel provide free one-time commodities (referred to as "small six") will gradually withdraw from the stage of history. Recently, the Commission by letter of Shandong Province, the provincial Energy Office, the Provincial Tourism Bureau and other departments jointly Issued a notice requirement from 1 December, the Hotel Industry in Shandong Province to phase out disposable daily necessities. Transition period, from June 1, 2011, the hotel industry in the province formally abolished hotels provide free one-time daily Products, to clearly mark the prices paid to provide. December 1st, new regulations implemented in the first day, the reporter interviewed more than 10 in Weihai City, Shandong Province of hotels, guesthouses. Survey: 10 hotels, only two stops for the "small six" 7 Days Inn Hotel Weihai is a fast, the hotel staff told reporters after receiving the notice, they have canceled a one-time guests stay for free daily service. Area with high star hotel starting from December 1 to respond positively to relevant departments also advocated the abolition of the one-time provision of daily necessities, and setting up road signs in all rooms. However, on June 1 next year transition period, if the stay Customer demand is there, the hotel will provide free one-time necessities. The housekeeping department manager told reporters that provides for the first day, only two customers asked for a one-time daily, said most customers understand the move. It is understood that most of the city of Weihai star hotels and economy hotel chains offer a one-time necessities. Some hotels also said that the relevant documents not received notice, it continues to provide free one-time daily . Response: Female passenger claims male guests that inconvenience does not matter The face of the hotel to cancel one daily practice, the public very fact that she often travel due to work, each bring their own toiletries, so this does not affect her. On the other hand, the very fact also that Bring their own commodity quality and more reliable. "A man not used to carry when traveling more items, the other, the Pro pack these small things before leaving a lot of trouble, the hotel if you do not supply, it will bring us a lot of inconvenience, I hope the hotel will continue to provide For one-time necessities. "To Weihai City Tourism Mr Lee said. Weihai city, said a hotel staff, hotel is a one-time daily based on individual habits vary, but generally, female customers more receptive to cancel a one-time necessities. He Table Said cancel a one-time items, the customer will never receive an acceptable process. In addition, the hotel is now the proportion of the guests bring their own toiletries gradual increase, many people will bring their own to go out daily necessities.