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Foreign managed hotels in the Human Resource Management Problems and Solutions
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Foreign management of the hotel after nearly 20 years of development, has been developed by the trial into mature, a new period of rapid expansion. Foreign reason for successful business management in addition to the hotel policies have certain benefits in addition to its full utilization of human resources to achieve strategic competitive advantage of human resources also play a pivotal role. All along, their human resource management features in their development plays an important role, while attracting talents from all, and state-owned enterprises as a model for reform of human resources. However, outside the control of the hotel group in human resources management with international hotel companies compared to the same industry, and tourism, compared to their development needs, there are also many less than satisfactory, and that has entered the Chinese market 20 years of international hotel groups did not reach full coverage in the market, nearly ten thousand of the existence of diseconomies of scale independent hotels, there is no way out of the internal expansion of many problems, foreign hotel's human resources management research, so that we can be more rational view Hotels outer tube, while the hotel will give our state or private hotel in the future development of China. First, foreign-managed hotels in human resources management experience is worth learning First, more flexible employment system, science. Because of the support of the local government, foreign-managed hotels in the international context is basically no limit to employ people, and because of the implementation of contract system of employment and dismissal of staff is more flexible. In particular, less affected by nepotism, staffing more scientific. Second, the foreign management of the hotel in general emphasis on staff training. Almost all foreign-managed hotels are equipped with independent training sector, some also set up a special training school, or the institutions home and abroad, staff training, hoping to improve staff quality through training, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the hotel. Third, treatment of employees, the foreign management of the hotel a little generous. First, the wages paid to local employees, or largely flat above the industry average, followed by Chinese employees in the award scheme, the more easily make a decision based on their business performance. Management of the hotel because many Chinese investors are often subject to higher authorities the reasons for approval, the enterprise is difficult to separate decision-making. Fourth, the successful implementation of the localization strategy of talent. 20th century, early 80s, several major groups of domestic foreign hotel has the highest number of 150 people, 10% of the total number of employees. 90 years into the 20th century, with the maturity of the Chinese management personnel, many of the foreign management of the hotel has successfully realized the talent localization, foreign management of the hotel to maintain its competitiveness as the core strategy. Second, the foreign management of human resources, effective management of the hotel some problems (A) unbalanced distribution of hotel human resources structure From the vertical perspective, the hotel requires not only operational service personnel, but also requires a lot of intelligent decision-making and management talent. Hotel industry calls good quality, good foreign language, professional knowledge is solid, multi-skill high-quality compound talents. The current secondary school, vocational school and higher education specialist with the Master's, doctoral and other senior personnel traveling serious imbalance. Lateral view from the hotel there is a serious human resource professional shortages. Demand for jobs from the hotel marketing, catering, housekeeping to write papers, financial management, computer engineer, QC, Assistant Manager, until the air-conditioning, high power, weak and other technical engineering and project manager, etc., and tourism vocational school graduates are mainly focused on the general desk service, room service, cooking, restaurant service and hotel engineering, property management and marketing talent scarce, department managers or above management decision-making capacity with a serious talent gap. Another major gap in professional performance is a great experience but also has a high theoretical level of tourism talent hard to find, just young tourism graduates have a certain expertise and cultural knowledge and no opportunity to practice more it is impossible to become a qualified hotel managers. (B) caused by cultural differences difficult to implement the pay model Individual performance bonus system is paid in foreign hotels more common practice, it is through the effective evaluation of employee performance based incentives to achieve the pay system linked with the examination results, to maximize the mobilization of staff enthusiasm for work, play their potential. However, most Chinese employees Quedui current role and job satisfaction linked to the salary pattern representation. Because under the influence of traditional Chinese culture, Chinese people believe that interpersonal harmony is very important that this egalitarian distribution model just to maintain harmonious interpersonal relationships, and individual performance pay-system, may undermine the harmony, so its implementation has been hampered . (B) selection, training needs to adapt to high-quality hotel staff 1 selection of the staff really need Hotels in the selection of staff, should first be broken down to the vacant posts, in accordance with the positions of the different characteristics of the selection requirements consistent with its character of employees. Work to strengthen practical rehearsal, rehearsal is the work of the hotel disclosed to the candidates for future work of true information that can help job-seekers the right to understand the expectations of the hotel, the establishment of mutual trust, reduce employee turnover and reduce the future. 2 focus on training methods and content of scientific To solve the composition of the training team, training arrangements and training programs, the real implementation of the "flexibility of training staff for the center" system to meet employee training time, content and form requirements. The implementation of cross-training also helps hotels more effective cost control, cross-training is a staff service skills by receiving additional training to meet the needs of more than one job training methods, so that multi-skill staff. Westin Hotel after the implementation of cross-training, high-quality workforce and quality of service information from the customer feedback has been confirmed: 82% of Westin guests have the intention of staying again, 87% of the West-in guests recommend to others, This will undoubtedly prove the feasibility of cross training and efficiency. Corporate Training usually focuses on skills training, but also to focus on corporate culture of "loyalty training" is training the country's loyalty to the spirit of enterprise to improve the ideological level, do not sacrifice principle for profit, not free to quit. Outer tube was also talk about the political enterprise. 3 help professionals develop individual career development plan. The hotel personnel to develop personal development programs to help professionals learn the knowledge and skills, especially professional knowledge and skills. Hotels especially high-quality personnel and college students should have a clear career development planning, to be able to see the future direction and goals. Can also provide some overseas training experience, career development planning that will be welcomed by students. Hotel by the human development of good personal development plan, given the rich talent of education and training opportunities, can promote the common development of human and restaurants, increasing their satisfaction with the hotel and loyalty, which can greatly reduce personnel turnover. 4 to establish a scientific and rational system of remuneration And work with the ability to pay performance-related, remunerated according to their ability to motivate staff motivation, but not so objectionable. According to the U.S. psychologist Adams equity theory, employees not only by their enthusiasm for the work from the impact of absolute returns, but also by the relative impact of rewards, employees will not only work and pay their own income to pay compensation and other remuneration of labor and comparison, but also to their current work and pay their remuneration and the remuneration paid to compare the past. In addition, workers compensation, not only in labor will have on the sense of unfairness, in other areas also have a sense of unfairness. When the employee returns to pay and the resulting match is not serious when they quit is the inevitable choice. Outside the hotel's human resources management social environment can not be ignored. The hotel's foreign control of many human resources management system is a comprehensive reflection of the problem, in order to fundamentally solve the human capital quality, but also to improve the rigid education system and the personnel management system, transformation of government functions, through the implementation of human resources market guide the flow of macro-control personnel to control traffic flow and maintain the personnel and structure of the dynamic balance supply and demand reasonable and the promotion of healthy and orderly development of the hotel industry.