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Thoroughfare city east big public house
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Thoroughfare brief introduction of city east big public house: Thoroughfare city east big public house reposes at thoroughfaring the city is flourishing a sector of an area of shopping centre gold, square of Na Linna lake, north relies on to thoroughfare elegantly the lake austral the city, mutual guest room 219 (cover) , eat more than 1000, it is to thoroughfare the state is current class is highest, the business affairs public house with the biggest dimensions. The hotel is old hall one layer, high-quality goods bazaar, the environment is decorous, warmth is fashionable. 2 are meal, have view of the lake austral 18 edges type of transparent bird Han is luxurious balcony and banquet hall. The building reachs three-layer south is more than 10000 square metre

Week of market price of door of room remarks breakfast 4 Double bed of standard room B contains early ¥ 618.00 10-9
14.0 of ¥ 290.0 ¥Book 688.00 10-9 of ¥ of double portion of double bed of standard room A
14.0 of ¥ 330.0 ¥Book 708.00 10-9 of ¥ of double portion of double bed of B of room of business affairs standard
14.0 of ¥ 330.0 ¥Book Big bed room without ¥ 780.00 10-9
14.0 of ¥ 380.0 ¥Book 780.00 10-9 of double portion ¥ is not had between the standard
14.0 of ¥ 390.0 ¥Book