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Chinese cabbage nutrition is delicate have a way much
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The nutrient value of Chinese cabbage is very high, have " 100 dish are inferior to Chinese cabbage " view. Take the time of Chinese cabbage just about now, chinese cabbage rolls out for you here a variety of eating law.

One of delicate Chinese cabbage boiled water Chinese cabbage

Boiled water Chinese cabbage is boiled water adds Chinese cabbage not just absolutely so simple. When making this food, want Chinese cabbage heart abluent, cut 2 centimeters 12 centimeters long, wide, a bit very hot in boiled water, fish out is cast in cold water cool accuse to go moisture; Break gallinaceous breast flesh into fine mud, open gallinaceous mud 澥 with tepid chicken broth; On fire of the buy that fry pan, add refined salt, cooking wine, gourmet powder, peppery area into chicken broth, good 澥 gallinaceous mud in part falls into boiler, the jog that use spoon 2 to 3, the foam that treat on the surface floats case, pour mud of chicken of other in part to make its float rises again, end leaves blow hole, body refuse of fish out chicken and float foam become clear soup namely; It is clear soup fill in Chinese cabbage bowl, go up evaporate of bamboo or wooden utensil for steaming food 8 to 10 minutes, can edible. The key that boiled water Chinese cabbage cooks depends on condole soup, soup wants taste thick and clear, eat in the mouth, faint scent tastily, delicious and unusual.

The chestnut baby food of delicate Chinese cabbage

baby food abluent go Laoxie, half-and-half dissections. Chestnut irons flay with boiled water, pare a chestnut benevolence; Right amount hot water is put in boiler, child dish is put after boil of big baked wheaten cake, float 2 minutes, dry moisture of the drop after be being taken out is put dish in; half chestnut Ren Tongqing water is put into boiler together, small fire turns to boil 15 minutes slowly after boil of big baked wheaten cake, hit into chestnut juice into mixer next, juice is fresh and stiff. This dish Huang Bai is trenchant, taste is delicate. Chestnut issues glittering and translucent get rid of to appear in the soak of maize baby food and concentrated juice, in having an opening ringing and clinking and do not break sweet; And baby food is in of golden Chinese chestnut cluster round next delicate and charming appearing be about to drip, in having an opening delicate do not break again delicious.

One of characteristic of the mustard mound old Beijing of delicate Chinese cabbage mustard mound, with Chinese cabbage and mustard

Make it, do not have taste one time. Mustard mound is in make choose Chinese cabbage the 3rd mix the 4th, after abluent scald water, put recipient in, extend part of a historical period of a dish, scatter the high grade mustard that a Japan imports, irrigate on flavoring, extend part of a historical period of a dish again, undertake alternately, till code full container. After bubble makes 36 hours, chinese cabbage colour and lustre is golden, mustard has soaked Chinese cabbage leaf completely, at this moment Chinese cabbage Xie Yi layer has coiled one layer, cut 3.5 centimeters long course to coil, drench again the concentrated juice of a mustard, can edible.
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