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Do authentic the necessary dressing of plain dish
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Authentic plain dish has its characteristic, with flavour get victory, the dressing that uses with its is having close relationship. If make sweet shredded meat of cook again flesh, fish, if need not the valve of Pi county beans of Sichuan and bubble chili, appreciate it very hard " authentic " flavour. The chef of province of a few other places, city learns plain dish, although mastered a few plain dish cook, flavor technology, but, return place, because do not have a few necessary dressing that cook plain food, cook the plain food that come out, always insufficient " " authentic " . Visible, want to cook plain food, important dressing if chili of valve of beans of county of plain salt, Chinese prickly ash, Pi, bubble is waited a moment, it is absolutely cannot little. Sichuan is outer the plain food shop that open, what use to place is special advocate, complementary makings and dressing, also go by Sichuan carry. Its purpose still is to safeguard of real plain food " authentic " .

(1) Chinese prickly ash

The grain of Chinese prickly ash that Sichuan place produces is the biggest, lubricious red fat profit, flavour hemp seed is little, faint scent is full-bodied, for the top grade in Chinese prickly ash. Chinese prickly ash of luxuriant short of Wenshui River is general quality is good, chinese source Chinese prickly ash is the before last in Chinese prickly ash to taste. As dressing, plain hutch basically is the hemp ingredient that uses it and aroma. Hemp flavour is the naphtha generation that place of Chinese prickly ash contains. The hemp with plain commonly used dish sweet, the five spices, strange flavour, dried tangerine or orange peel ascends hemp of hot, any of several hot spice plants, smoke flavour, have the effect of Chinese prickly ash. Chinese prickly ash is in of modulation plain flavour apply very extensive, can rectify bead to use already, also but pulverize shape, still but refine becomes oil of Chinese prickly ash. Whole use Chinese prickly ash basically is used at heating up dish, bud of gram of chaffy dish of the abdomen that be like wool, boil in water for a while; Face of Chinese prickly ash all can be used in type of cold hot food, hot food boils cutlet like hemp mother-in-law bean curd, water, chicken of hemp of Leng Cairu any of several hot spice plants piece, cowhouse asparagus lettuce; And oil of Chinese prickly ash is multi-purpose at cold food. Regard innovation as the chaffy dish of plain dish, use green Chinese prickly ash in great quantities, also be the innovation of plain dish.

(2) chili

Plain dish chili is applied pink of dry chili, chili and chili of red oily bubble wait. Say to do chili first, be basked in with fresh chili air and it is become. Vermeil or appearance is red brown, luster, there is seed inside. Dry chili odour is special, be like bright tartly. Plain dish flavors the principle that uses dry chili is hot and not dead, hot and not dry. The 7 stars any of several hot spice plants of Chengdu and the He Weiyuan of chili of 2 metal bars that produce near its, all belong to this kind of breed, for the top grade in chili. Dry chili can cut a section to use use with crocus. Cut a section to use basically use at papering piquancy model, the lotus that be like boil in water for a while the dish such as cucumber of white, boil in water for a while. Use chili pink has two kinds of idea commonly usedly, it is to join course directly, into Chuandongde the area makes palace protect gallinaceous man to be about to use chili noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch, let it have graced effect; 2 it is to make red oily chili, make red oil, hemp hot etc flavour dressing, use extensively at type of cold hot food, like red oily bamboo shoot piece, red outermost layer of skin plunges into the dish such as hot bean curd of hot chicken of silk, hemp, hemp. Outside dividing dry chili, return the bubble chili that main effect has in one kind flavors in plain dish. Be made with new chili pickle and it is become. Because be in,bubble is made and become. Because be made in bubble,lactic acid arose in the process, use at cooking cooked food, can make dish has distinct fragrance and taste, make plain dish medium boil fish and the main dressing that cook piscine fragrance cooked food. Current, using any of several hot spice plants of Chao Tianjiao, millet and chili of rice broken bits extensively to wait, can cook a many characteristic plain dish.
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