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Hotel storefront decorates design new thinking
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Editor's note: The public house of Yin Zong management is not big, also do not talk to go up have how luxurious, but distinguishing feature is outstanding, have grumous " hotel flavour " , economic benefits is so very good, the social figure public praise of the hotel is very pretty good also. The good qualities that the reason depends on the foreign fine public house that Yin Zong sees him is recorded carefully come down, experience seriously again, consider, in be being used step by step at oneself management and design to transform next. In this process, yin Zong has summed up give a concept: The hotel has been designed, ability has been managed, be worth a person of the same trade to think really.

One, the foundation that adornment is transformed is hotel product innovation.

Often see a lot of hotel person of the same trades complain the business is done hard, although try every means, but always cannot see improvement. Analytic reason, outside notting have it is the product does not have characteristic, establishment stale, personnel ageing and so on. There was a kind of error in the past, think product innovation basically is to show service and treatment product innovate, its serve really and treatment product matures increasingly and the condition of socialization falls, facilities facilities and adornment decorate innovation just are the innovation with market the biggest flexibility. The product of the hotel included facilities of product of service, treatment, project, facilities and adornment dress. And we the facilities facilities of a few hotels and adornment decorate always are made for years, it is more than 10 aged face even, how has been that business met rise. The facilities facilities of the hotel and adornment decorate should be common Chang Xin, decorate 5 years or so to should be transformed afresh especially. And actually, we a lot of hotels transform the fundamental place in whole product innovation to decorating is understanding inadequacy. The problem that expression comes out has two, it is be accustomed to sth of pair of 1000 people one side, 2 it is not broken not sodden cannot bear repair again. And to storefront in whole adornment the illuminative is known is the most fragile.

2, give a guest beauty the first times unforgettable.

Benefit coloring colour, lamplight, modelling does storefront brightly beautiful moving very important. Bright beautiful can give a person with cheerful, with good impression, with breathed call; Make a person unforgettable, let a person yearn, let a person cannot bear leave. A crackajack storefront can give a person the enthusiasm with consumption even, with the tourist attraction that becomes a city. If the building of our hotel can make the mark sex structure that is in a city, that is best of course. However hotel of our great majority is to be not done such. How to give a guest beauty the first times unforgettable, that tries to be unique to just pour the storefront of advantage to decorate namely. In the field before inn not broad case falls, the person's perspective observes not easily the high-level part of storefront, it is crucial that so 15 meters of the following storefront are decorated. Want by day not only good-looking, in the evening more want good-looking. Generally speaking the rush hour that night just is guest consumption. Good-looking by day basically be to see colour and model, and good-looking in the evening basically see light. Of course, the first in this beauty later, the other part that still must have hotel product is done prop up. Otherwise, will be treasures outside its, defeat garrulous among them, had adverse effect.
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