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Receive block into estate abroad fund invests a hotel quickly
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On October 11, DTZ Dai Deliang releases a report to say all right, 130 files that bureau of national exchange control allots put an end to estate to develop the discrepancy channel that money heats up in the process on certain level. Seeking in abroad fund of inland change art -- continue to be bought with equity means while estate develops a project, also quickened the investment pace that waits for traditional industry to hotel, industry, commerce. .

DTZ wears Cao of director of department of hotel of heart bridge travel to read aloud a country to express, inchoate Chinese hotel foreign capital with harbor endowment and Singapore capital are given priority to, capital of more and more Euramerican, middle east begin a lock to invest Chinese hotel surely now. These foreign capital have will follow partly quite similar 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers, happy event amounts to hotel of house, elegant advanced international to manage a group to enter China, still having one share is to pass equity financing or the form that buy an item directly to intervene.

Cao reads aloud a country to point out, the foreign capital that invests Chinese hotel at present can be divided it is two kinds big, it is a hotel if investment firm or administrative company are elegant tall, if doing business,their tendency buys monomer public house, but management condition is bad hotel, strong but the building that did not decorate, sodden poop deck, or buy lot directly, the end that they buy is divided outside wanting to achieve stable earnings, still can stem from the need that builds a network sometimes; And a few fund or financial group, relatively favour interlinks a hotel; Bought end basically is to achieve stable earnings, accordingly they more tendency investment interlinks a hotel, or it is company of management of hotel of direct share China.

Cao reads aloud a country to express, differ with the short-term investment of the development of common estate, hotel especially the development of high-grade hotel, can offer opportunity of more obtain employment for place, and the character of the hotel -- manage for a long time, also can bring the revenue income that stabilizes for a long time for local government, also meet what get local government more easily approbate; Accordingly, in future a paragraph of period, the investment prospect of the hotel still better.

Cao reads aloud a country to point out, the hotel that the world rich 2010 meets the Olympic Games 2008, Shanghai be these two cities respectively manages Beijing created special market opportunity.