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Investment public house pays attention to 5 kinds of concepts
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Accomplishment actor is long term

Accomplishment actor is long term concept, namely investor invests a hotel in the choice besides should choose actual strength strong perhaps grow besides the public house with fine sex, have long-term eye even. The choice invests a hotel, it is to be in ensure investment is in the in principle of security, fluidity and profitability has movement, the key of investment depends on actor of outstanding achievement of make choice of and the public house with growing finer sex serving as first requirement. Investing what the hotel values is long-term, stable, reasonable redound.

When choosing a hotel, want to notice to inspect establishment of its hardware form a complete set, do not want the product of congenital inadequacy, newly-built hotel nature is relatively good. Propping up those who invest redound is the business ability of the hotel, must want to have the public house of brand and actual strength

Administrative company serves as backing, the guest room that system of network of its internationalization passenger source can assure to will be stabilized henceforth is entered rate. Again criterion, investment public house should establish long-term vision, investment pay back period is in at least 8 years of above, this establishs long-term investment vision with respect to need, although prepare to construct in early days link (project approving, earth is built, decorate and purchase facilities equipment) bigger fund is poured out of, but after this one link builds to restaurant yield crucial, in this one phase investment business wants the attention of the financing with sufficient infuse and height; After restaurant building, restaurant investment can decrease stage by stage and transfer capital pay back period; What need an attention however is, according to the lifecycle rule of restaurant, it is quite normal that 10 years the restaurant of above needs to undertake whole transforms ability operation, restaurant investment still just needs to increase investment appropriately, in order to extend the gain period of time of restaurant, if be in restaurant early days, investor is eager to hope for success, be in very hard short-term inside the result that obtains expectation.

Take advantage of an opportunity and row

As ceaseless development of economy, competition is more and more intense, hotel investor should feel acumen, the episode that takes market opportunity in time to be able to use everything, resource, chance.

Use take advantage of an opportunity to invest a law to must ensure two premise; It is to go up drop the trend must be made clear; 2 be must can as soon as possible confirms a trend. This has scientific and accurate judgement according to the certain omen of the stock market with respect to need investor, to hotel investor, do not talk to go up can operate the market, want to achieve earnings on phantasmagoric market, can follow only general trends, use take advantage of an opportunity to invest a way. The situation that the hotel invests the power that has suitable policy, situation of suitable time, suitable character is waited a moment.
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