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7 bottles of stars deliver opportunity of 5 billion economy hotel 8 years big
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He Gongzhang calculated brushstroke Zhang in detail for the reporter, with proving its 127 yuan price still can gain profit. The cost of economy hotel basically is mixed by the fixed costs such as chummage, depreciation the alterable cost that manpower resource, guest uses generation is formed. With 7 bottles of stars every guest room 36 smooth rice, every make the same score computation of meter of level of 28 yuan of hire, achieve 80% enter the cost of solidify of every guest room when rate to be controlled for 40 yuan, add manpower, depreciation, use and expend about duty, about every guest room everyday totle drilling cost is 90 yuan, so 127 yuan price still has profit to be able to pursue.

He Gongzhang says, in developing a process quickly, drive besides capital besides, use cost profit to drive even. "We reduce the profit margin of this industry actively, offer better sexual value to give customer, promote thereby rate. Be being returned in home no matter is foreign layout, play a piece of card, it is reductive the profit truth at economy hotel. It is reductive the profit truth at economy hotel..

He Gongzhang thinks the profit margin of 7 bottles of stars is achieved 10% can come true expect earnings. He Gongzhang says, this also will be the average income level when an industry reachs maturity. Nevertheless He Gongzhang admits this price is dynamic, won't decide the price in 127 yuan forever. "Because Chinese economy grows according to the speed of 10% , the flexibility that the price rises also is existence. The flexibility that the price rises also is existence..

Economy hotel blowout

The high income level of economy hotel attracted large quantities of capital to swarm into this industry. Hotel of the names with Chinese front courtyard chain economy that the Ji Qi of the author that be like the home that lands accept town already successfully rolls out business affairs, developing a target also is 1000 branches. The success of season is the epitome that public house of condition of Chinese new-style industry develops.

According to not complete count, to the end of 2006, the whole nation shares unit of 280 thousand accommodation, among them unit of 263 thousand accommodation is by the industry condition of similar hostel place is formed. China also does not have an economy so far model chain hotel dimensions achieves 1000 above. To last year the end of the year, the star of river of domestic bright and beautiful has many 180, if the home has 184, have respectively among them 30% and 40% it is to join in hotel. "Such dimensions in the world for, right perhaps for the accommodation unit of 280 thousand, scope is very little still. " He Gongzhang says, "We think the space of the market is very large. "We think the space of the market is very large..

As a result of the industry to good posture apparent, he Gongzhang is right the operation requirement of hotel of travel of business of 7 bottles of stars is in 3-4 enter inside the month rate achieve 80% above, otherwise the branch does not calculate a success. And in obtain this to be entered before rate, he does not plan to join in in local development inn. "Before inn of 100 straight battalion, 7 bottles of stars won't consider the way that join in. " He Gongzhang says. The economy before domestic rank leans hotel is in inchoate adopted join in outspread means.
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