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Intense garrison Shanghai Yagaozeng buys 2 public houses
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Group of elegant tall hotel was in France to signed the first Suofeitepin in Guangzhou on August 25 after card hotel, signed Shan Suofei of Shanghai a surname again at 28 days the administrative contract of especially big hotel and hotel of uncut jade mansion, two fresh blood increased in Shanghai, the hotel network that is in China to group of elegant tall hotel again undertook develop is filled.

A scene shot on location of hotel of uncut jade mansion

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The hotel of uncut jade mansion that is located in Shanghai wild goose to swing road shopping mall and Nanchang road boundary predicts will 2006 first half of the year practice, this hotel is located at Shanghai's famous fashionable district - revive the boreal door part of the park, integral building is 6 tall, have a room in all 52, room area differs to 95 square metre by 47 square metre, the hotel owns corridor of wine of hall of bar, coffee, administration and center of a business affairs, it may be said " although spadger is small, 5 completely " . The hotel is located in revive the ground that the vogue with famous park collects, for example Park 97, Lan Guifang, money-locker, wait for the public place of entertainment with a series of celebrated reputation, not only groove guard of hundred years historical culture scene -- Sun Zhongshan former residence, the design concept of 100 meters Yao whole hotel is shopping street of the sea route that be apart from the Huaihe River in be troubled by, take static, it is all circles distinguished personages and culture personage to be made meticulously. Water quality is green all round the hotel shade gardens design, the exotic amorous feelings of having a unique style forms the of great capacity that has Shanghai feature alone to send culture jointly, plus what France holds to since elegant tall hotel is long-term " French feelings " , believe to be able to travel for this area, recreation adds window again, be worthy of makes Shanghai core.

Humble of all alone of hill of Shanghai a surname is especially big hotel

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Predict 2007 all alone of hill of Shanghai a surname of practice poors especially big hotel is located in area of Shanghai loose river. Hotel situation is very advantageous, airport of distance rainbow bridge only Cheng of 20 minutes of cars. What by American Atlanta famous design firm makes with level of 5 stars grade is luxurious go vacationing ornament of type hotel chute, lagoon surrounds, the Tuosikana that the tropical scenery that is full of exotic emotional appeal makes a hotel bright builds a style more fascinating. 260 of the hotel advanced guest room and 58 flatlet reach the 45 capacious areas with 67 square metre respectively; Have villa of a president and villa of 5 ministers level additionally. Dining-room of hotel Chinese and Western offers international cate for the guest, perfect modern recreation and conference establishment can satisfy different type guest with all possible means demand, do not have pillar banqueting hall to be able to contain 800 visitors among them, add on 5 assembly room, gross area is as high as meeting site 5000 square metre. The hotel sets respectively indoor with the swimming-pool outdoor, have gym additionally, sauna room and vapour room and facilities of other fitness facilities, divide this beyond, the hotel still has the hydrotherapy center of 2000 square metre, room of ball of 4 tennis court, 2 next door and area of practice a ball game of a golf. The nightclub that does business independently is offerred 12, the recreational field of 000 square metre.
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