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Finishing investment should put public house of before world rich 58 fast stars
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Held recently " Olympic Games and world rich good luck: Construction of Chinese hotel industry, innovation and development " on height forum, shanghai travels appoint Chen Xueyu of deputy director general of department of travel market control expresses, shanghai hotel keeps the demand that passenger of pass the night enters a country during measuring rich of enough already and contented world to meet at present, hotel employment is total beneficial result is favorable, but preliminary the clue that shows supply exceeds demand.

The astral class restaurant that Shanghai shares formal assess at present 317, among them 5 stars class class of 26 the home, 4 stars class of 43 the home, SamSung class of 126 the home, 2 stars class of 115 the home, one star 7. In addition still 45 or so are equivalent to level of 45 stars grade but the restaurant that has not judge a star. Additionally at least 58 are in build the project of hotel of fast star class that plans to build to will be in 2008-2010 year finishing, gross of its guest room is pressed average every 372 computation are 21576 about. To 2010, shanghai only of restaurant of fast star class put a quantity to already had recieve nearly 10 million enter a country the ability of person-time of pass the night. The corresponding passenger source that is used at recieving 2010 worlds rich to meet is adequate.

Because forecast 2008-2010,guest room of new-style economy inn is met in year have increment of a huge sum, chen Xueyu thinks, should begin to be opposite from now of hotel of fast star class build investment to undertake limitative, after be being met in order to prevent world gain many and superfluous. Because the hotel builds periodic and general need 3 arrive 4 years, when the project investment of the start working after 2008 is used, already crossed the demand fastigium that world rich meets. He expresses, world rich can use a room to cannot rely on to build a hotel to solve, besides development this locality other natural resources, might as well the experience practice that surpasses large activity according to be being recieved on international, make full use of the room natural resources that Shanghai periphery is like area of Jiangsu, Zhejiang.

From Shanghai brigade appoint statistical data looks, shanghai hotel is overall 2006 benefit rises somewhat, but the phenomenon of supply exceeds demand already was shown gradually. On the whole house price goes high, but rental rate falls somewhat, the market is supplied had increased fierce it is the one big reason that average benefit reduces somewhat. 2006 only high-end market (4, 5 stars class) add a hotel newly 17, guest room 5901, rate of guest room growth is 16.68% , amplitude is calendar year highest. Although enter a country,number of pass the night and number of domestic travel pass the night also increased 200 thousand, but amplitude is only 4.52% . Guest room increment 3.7 times add at demand fast state, brought about whole to rent on average rate is farther drop.
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