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Shop of business of Beijing investment public house invests return rate 0 record
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Recently, media appears often the public house that affirmatory redound means sells and the advertisement that business spreads, a few readers still hit a phone to question the reliability of affirmatory redound. For this, the reporter discovers unexpectedly through two weeks of investigation, the successful case of redound of acceptance of Beijing throughout history is almost 0, investor people making up the compunction in the story of redound of high specified number that come out unceasingly.

Case one: Do not get redound to become aware be duped

Investment enjoys Beijing outskirt 100 thousand yuan 4 stars class goes vacationing the property right of the hotel, still can have trade with the hotel of whole world each district, can win the share out bonus of guest room profit that is as high as 30 thousand yuan every year more, such meddlesome where goes searching.

On January 30, 2002, the Shi Qian that ate a heart (alias) business of development of hotel of as lubricious as Yan Qingjin holiday signed the agreement that buy a house. He pays with 100 thousand dynast buy below 56 smooth rice a room. Additional, he still manages a company to sign rental management contract with aureate holiday property. Contract acceptance, fee of management of subtract of basis management state, central heating cost, property cost, the accrual of 60% puts in owner 's charge all.

Aureate holiday hotel was thrown 2003 use, manage a year however, buckle 7 buckle eight hind, shi Qian was obtained only be less than 700 yuan of redound. 2004, he changed redound way, after one pass, be not to fall more a single cent or penny. In with development business he got bargaining hind 33 thousand yuan housing certificate, he can use means oneself hotel, perhaps sell others. Lose the Shi Qian of confidence to aureate holiday gradually and did not use these housing certificate, the end of the year develops business to be counter-purchased with 15% cash, 5000 yuan when fold finally he also was not taken likewise. Right now, below the circumstance that does not have redound, shi Qian stopped to still be borrowed, investment arrives 3 years now, 100 thousand dynast pays adscititious the month of 22 months is offerred, stone modest altogether has not gotten 700 yuan from aureate holiday hotel.

From 04 began last year, aureate holiday owner people begin collective to reject to still shift power of collective dimension. But they discover, sheet is told from affirmatory redound, develop business or property company to did not break the law no matter. They entrust a lawyer to just find card of project house property to be suspected of violating compasses operation, but after half an year passes, lawsuit still does not have progress, the hope that should return investment is uncertain still.

The reporter investigates discovery, the case that so affirmatory like aureate holiday hotel redound fails occupied Beijing the great majority of all affirmatory redound projects, for instance brook of the 5th highway, green jade lives in square, flourishing the center.
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