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Big talk happy event will ascend Hua Yunkai Lai two hotels September practice
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The reporter learns from concerned respect, be located in big talk happy event of the coast ascends hot spring to go vacationing on the west tropical forest of old hotel of Yun Kailai of hotel, Hainan China, Hainan reads extensively to wait field in build a project, inside year will in succession practice, city of travel of this intertropical seaside will increase big talk new element.

Happy event since ascend a hotel to began to begin construction Feburary from last year, at present already infrastructure is decorated end, total investment makes an appointment with 400 million yuan, floor area is 50 thousand square metre, share 350 guest room, among them 80% for seascape room. Hotel chief says, the hotel holds a business affairs and recreational function concurrently, made full use of hot spring resource, have perfect conference establishment already, also offerred the many recreational items such as swimming-pool of aquatic sports, hot spring at the same time.

Triumphant Lai old hotel completes construction basically also. The hotel is covered an area of in all 40 mus, room number is 199, still prepare to build villatic division at the same time. This hotel chief says, hotel location is business affairs hotel.

Two hotels draft above to do business at opening business September this year.