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Arrange construction of hotel of De Wuxing class to will face a society to enrol
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9 days, suitable heart area holds news briefing of news of the major project that enrol business, announce division of suitable this year heart to global investor 13 when first rolling out major projects that enrol business. This one act got investing the expert's high reputation, guangdong invests Song Xiaoping of stimulative center director to say, by the pattern of trade of this kind of action of initiate of suitable heart area, be helpful for governmental compose building the information that enrol business to communicate platform, be worth to be popularized to complete province.

Li Xiaolong and zoology garden develop a line among them

This second 13 when roll out major projects are active policy below but by the society civilian endowment or foreign capital participates in investment, involve total investment amount to exceed 1.4 billion yuan of RMB, include a city to be able to manage project and tertiary industy project, cover establishment of public utility, travel and trade current wait for burgeoning investment field. Besides Long Jiang project of experimental middle school faces domestic society in 13 projects civilian endowment outside, the others all faces global capital.

According to introducing, project of the travel in 13 projects is occupied went 1/3 above, include to develop tower of sightseeing of area of travel of integrated Li Xiaolong and hill of suitable peak of zoology garden and old good people and Feng Jian 6 projects such as Zhou Zhuang. One most plans to invest amount in meeting project of brief week place of business is 6 projects among them, achieve 165 million yuan of RMBs. In the requirement enrolling business of travel project proclaimed in writing points out, investor should notice the protection of the cultural relic such as historic site in building a course, cannot destroy original building construction.

In addition, the middle school of dragon river experiment that is located in Long Jiang and dragon river body two projects all belong to art house the country encourages a project, among them the blank that latter presses down fill dragon river. According to introducing, career of town sports culture very develop, there is an establishment however inside the city zone all ready, collect acts art the omnibus place that is an organic whole with sports match. The modern system that the requirement builds this project to be able to hold 2000 audiences art house, the mark sex that will become Long Jiang is built. The project that can have sense of supply a gap likewise is boreal 滘 project of hotel of 5 stars class. Current, boreal 滘 presses down the SamSung class with only lesser dimensions and hotel of 4 stars class each one, and the situation of this town and economic characteristic and market potential, suit the development of hotel industry very. Concerned personnel expresses, ability of this project gain very strong, perspective is wide.

New pattern new channel recommends a project
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