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Outstanding achievement of hotel of bright and beautiful river is added go up ge
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Shanghai regards outback finance as the center, come from in an endless stream of business affairs personage, hotel industry of place also grows swift and violent. Among them, hotel of bright and beautiful river (600754, 23 days of closing quotation 7.64 yuan) the high attention that got an orgnaization.

The in 2005 newspaper that hotel of bright and beautiful river published recently shows, the company comes true advocate business Wu income four hundred and twenty-four million five hundred and twenty-three thousand yuan, grow 8.1% compared to the same period; Among them, income of hotel management business relatively go up growth of year of the corresponding period 59.89% . Come true advocate business Wu profit two hundred and ninety-five million six hundred and forty-three thousand yuan,

The wool interest rate of income of business of battalion of merchant of wine of bright and beautiful river is very high also: The wool interest rate of hotel investment business, hotel management business, chain meal business is respectively 86.38% , 98.9% with 66.09% , grow 2.76% respectively compared to the same period, 2.85% with 0.34% .

In hotel industry respect, the hotel that the company invests guest room is average first half of the year rental rate is 73% , house price rises compared to the same period 11.7% . The astral class hotel of end management amounted to the company in June 84, the astral hotel company of the bright and beautiful river of share is investment, management, concessionary the economy that join in hotel already amounted to 85.

Explain hair of Liao Xu of Yin Moguo's researcher thinks, the competition ability of hotel of bright and beautiful river is strengthened further, hotel management company books a network to go well. Once prospective international passageway is opened further, the international passenger source that for its hotels of tens of domestic star class bring more stability.

Liao Xu hair predicts, hotel of bright and beautiful river 2005, the outstanding achievement 2006 will be 0.3 yuan respectively, 0.39 yuan, development of industry of hotel of together with Shanghai is valued reach company asset value to weigh appraise, the company manages the competition ability of the respect to will increase continuously in the hotel. Accordingly, offer bright and beautiful river the public house " buy " investment grade.