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Hotel of chain of the first hotel fills Chongqing the market is blank
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[channel of industry of hotel of net of Hc360 Hui Cong] the first guesthouse interlinks Chongqing hotel " the star of swan " , open the door formally in bridge of river north avalokitesvara at 8 days do business. As " cygnet " the first brand-new guesthouse of the economy of the concept chain, "The star of swan " fill a blank that industry of Chongqing town public house consumes the market to go up in chain guesthouse.

"The star of swan " chief Zhao Runsen introduces, regard a of hotel industry new-style course of study as voice, this hotel abandoned the facilities with all hotel low utilization rate and service project, execute " finite hardware configuration, limited service function " limited service, is not traditional guesthouse hotel is all-around of type " one continuous line " service. "The star of swan " chain guesthouse is offerred for the guest only rest to wait for main service with meal service, and the additional item such as other entertainment and recreational sex is not serving limits.

Traditional guesthouse hotel is mixed because of a lot of support features the integrated service system such as additional item, make the cost house of guest room tall no less than, with general SamSung class guesthouse character, general flatlet is controlled in 400 yuan, and " the star of swan " have 238 yuan only however, the price was reduced nearly 50% .

"Cygnet " the group takes the lead in executing chain guesthouse to manage in Chongqing, the guesthouse management experience that its abound main profit from and chain manage a technology, from " the star of swan " avalokitesvara bridge inn begins, this group will at year immanent advocate the reinvest in group of 5 big trade builds the city to interlink guesthouse 4 times, development of inward land joins in.

It is reported, "Cygnet " group already will " the star of swan " the brand is registered, the deputy brand that serves as cygnet begins economy guesthouse to join in chain activity.