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Guesthouse of Guangzhou white swan drafts denounce endowment number to rebuild i
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"We are being prepared at present undertake rebuilding in the round to guesthouse with a few capital of 100 million. " the Zhang Tian of general manager assistant that guesthouse of Guangzhou white swan is in charge of market sale discloses 24 days so to the reporter. It is reported, rebuilding this will be Guangzhou white swan since guesthouse building most complete. Current, this company already invited international famous design firm submitted design draft, doing review analyse finally, rebuild the job already also got Guangzhou city state endowment appoint approval, predict to will begin from next year.

4 years, the guesthouse of 5 stars class that the first China and foreign countries of this China cooperates adds up to guesthouse of Guangzhou white swan 20 years to expire about, asset closes put in Guangdong 's charge to save a government all. After this, its direction of management just is paid close attention to all the time by each. According to Guangzhou hotel industry a senior personage introduces, develop train of thought about future of white swan guesthouse at present there is two to plant inside course of study likelihood plan: It is with the white swan guesthouse establishs white swan hotel to run a group for bibcock, will save national endowment for Guangdong together appoint more than 10 hotels of subordinate delimit white swan hotel runs a group; 2 it is by white swan guesthouse oneself are prepared establish group company, appear on the market to harbor is being gone to after subordinate orgnaization is integrated. Current, guangdong saves national endowment appoint develop direction to undertake making known one's position without dialogue swan future, "Because involve the overall consideration of state-owned asset, need resource is devoted, national endowment appoint the attitude is very cautious. National endowment appoint the attitude is very cautious..

Guangdong saves national endowment appoint when chief accepts a reporter to interview related development department, the program expresses, had not heard of two kinds of afore-mentioned plan, also did not form clear thinking.

March, by Guangzhou city state endowment appoint take the lead, the Guangzhou mountain range that 113 enterprises such as Chinese big public house, garden cafe already established to own 7.6 billion yuan of property is austral time industry group. In the meantime, guangdong saves national endowment appoint subordinate wide Cheng group also owns ten hotels at present.

Before this, hotel of Guangzhou's original 5 stars class happens to coincide investment is huge endowment undertook transforming, face-lifting. Oriental guesthouse by August, last batches of rooms will be finished to transform at the beginning of September, its transform investment to amount to 200 million yuan; Of the international auditoria of garden cafe transform in advance to already threw 20 million yuan, be in pair of its banqueting hall and international conference center to undertake rebuilding at present; Chinese big public house also announces to be in grading 3~5 throws 450 million yuan to undertake transforming in succession inside year. "After two years, hotel of class of Guangzhou fast star will enter a concentrated start business period, famous public house will enter the international such as lira of sweet 2007 case Guangzhou. To 2010, the public house of 5 stars class with Home 5~10 new also will appear in succession. The occurrence affirmation of new public house can make competition of industry of Guangzhou whole hotel intense with each passing day. Transforming is we answer the one part in measure only. " Lin Wei of garden hotel general manager civilian say.
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