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A person of extraordinary powers of grow in quantity of project approving of 5 s
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Last week, industry of hotel of another world-class chain leads brand a person of extraordinary powers to give birth to settle Tianjin, optional location at getting the central seat of plot of world county project, make the international brand that first autograph in luxurious hotel makes an appointment with Tianjin city new project approving, got the attention of bureau of tourism of city of government of the district austral ferry, Tianjin and support at the same time.

According to introducing, a person of extraordinary powers is unripe (HOWARDJOHNSON) is one furniture the international public house that has 80 years of histories runs a group, it is a 500 strong, complete beauty of row world 50 strong Shengdateji is round (one of brands of below CENDANT) banner 10 restaurant, registered 1925 save at American hemp, already in the whole world 21 countries own network of hotel of more than 500 chain. A person of extraordinary powers is born from 1999 to enter chinese mainland area, already was in at present the city such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Guiyang, Changsha, Chongqing signed 21 4 or hotel of 5 stars class. To this second enter Tianjin, a person of extraordinary powers gives birth to letter of Wei of order of president of hotel China division to express: The service pattern that a person of extraordinary powers lays in China basically is to the Gao Xing that join in class hotel carte blanche runs a service, combine Chinese national condition that is to say, develop the pattern that gives a kind of new administrative China public house -- , the advanced experience that introducing foreign hotel industry and bring into while international sells a network, develop the ability of domestic outstanding administrator, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, preserve Chinese traditional concept and culture adequately, satisfy the consumptive requirement that raises increasingly.

Current, in the many real-estate project that running in Tianjin city, the number of hotel of 5 stars class that regards high-grade commerce as form a complete set is not little. It is reported, be located in a river east week of the Haihe River new scope of operation of the area, sunshine 8 in waiting for a project, all be opposite hotel of 5 stars class has project approving, in addition east the exurb such as city of 10 thousand divisions, Beijing ferry new city values beautiful lake · as much the development of hotel industry, and its are right the huge stimulative action that promotes area value.