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Happy event of business affairs of international of Guiyang head home hotel will

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Hotel of business affairs of international of first high end of Guiyang city- - Guiyang is fond of Lai Denggui boat hotel is brand-new practice

On May 21, 2007, happy event the hotel that amount to house and go vacationing the well-known trademark happy event with village international subordinate group will enter the 23rd public house that is in China brand-new practice. This also is " Lin Cheng " the hotel of business affairs of international of first high end of Guiyang. Salvo of gun salute of practice celebration spot, day of shake of gong and drum, a scene of bustling activity, fiery trees and silver flowers, in beaming atmosphere, be located in the revolving door coming back in the middle of hall of hotel first floor to start, guiyang happy event will enter expensive boat public house official start business.

Sun Guojiang of Guizhou Province vice-governor, liuye of vice-chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference is strong, ji Hong of Guiyang city deputy mayor, fu Yingchun of deputy director general of bureau of Guizhou Province tourism, committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, yuan of one boat adviser stands to wait for governmental leader originally, president of expensive boat group, be fond of personnel of high level of the group that amount to house, the reporter of each big news media, and Guiyang is fond of general manager of hotel of Lai Denggui boat departmental door leads hotel of Tang Xiaofeng rate and on invitation 200 much people attended the honored guest grand and royal practice celebration. Came from each square message of congratulation, congratulatory letter to also express cordial congratulation to the practice grand meeting of the hotel at the same time.

Guiyang happy event will ascend expensive boat hotel to be located in Guiyang town's most bustling mart area, it is the hotel of high-end international business affairs with the most luxurious Guiyang. The hotel sits embrace Na Minghe two sides is picturesque kind of beautiful scene, reside tall overlook, jia Xiulou beautiful scenery all stops eye ground. Hotel traffic is convenience, china going there and back each are big the city is very convenient, be apart from the airport 13 kilometers, need car Cheng 15 minutes only, 5 minutes can reach a railway station.

Guiyang happy event will ascend Tang Xiaofeng of general manager of expensive boat hotel to say: "Regard Guiyang city as hotel of business affairs of international of first high end, we are him fixed position the leader of Guiyang market, serve high-end business affairs and travel market. We will with top-ranking hardware establishment, professional service level, high grade product and " happy event will ascend " peculiar " the brand experiences " , let each guests be ascended in Guiyang happy event have comfortable and happy experience, keep good and unforgettable memory. Keep good and unforgettable memory..

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