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System of hotel financial management reachs post duty
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Number of system of hotel financial management:

To strengthen financial management, get used to demand of intense market competition, improve enterprise beneficial result, on implementation enterprise new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, code of basis concerned accounting and our company are actual, make following systems especially:

One, total principle

1. manages each employee must honour discipline is abide by the law set out from company whole interest, mutual cooperation.


2. manages each production manages a branch to must join each other, each its are in charge of.

3. must accomplish money account be put in charge, be assigned personal responsibility for of account other people, formalities is all ready.

Every course of study is sure to need 4. hand sign, "Sign " it is diversionary.

2, material purchases a system

1. material inventory assures to produce need already, do not have keep long in stock again, purchase cost small.

2. is purchased every time apply for to purchase department by storehouse first surely.

3. purchase department basis applies for to make order for goods (triplet) , send financial department examine and verify, manager to examine and approve just can purchase to client connection.

Purchase department must assure 4. data is timely, protect qualitative, protect quantity, price to actor reachs the designated position and can obtain bank note of value added tax.

After 5. material enters a company, storehouse needs seasonable clear check the number is measured, after quality department acceptable quality is eligible, storehouse is filled make sheet of put in storage sign about personnel send financial department, the storehouse is in charge of personnel to register enter an item in an account in time.

6. supplier must offer order form of the sheet that ask a money, bill, my department, examine and approve via financial department examine and verify, manager, ability can pay.

3, marketing system

1. marketing staff must register client data in detail.

2. marketing staff must decide way of good price, payment, deliver goods with the client in order to concern item.

3. client needs bill of value added tax to must sign formal contract, leave financial department to file.

4. business personnel must fix production according to client order, if sample needs,the client signs handle sheet or order.

5. business personnel must be examined and approve via the manager to client price privilege, leave financial department to file.

6. business personnel must be in charge of client complete set serving, include the client requirement to the product, remand goods period, payment for goods is recovered.

Deliver goods sheet is made instantly after 7. product production is finished.
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