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System of built-in control of hotel industry credit
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System of built-in control of hotel industry credit

The first chapter sets commonly

The first concerns to strengthen the cooperation of main contact client, of stimulative hotel business develop steadily, in the meantime, can control the happening of slow-witted dead account strictly again, maintain the interest of the hotel effectively, make this provision especially.

Credit of the 2nd this hotel points to: This hotel supports the consumes a money actually business standing action inside the consumptive limit that defines beforehand for mat of main concern client, namely credit client (the come-and-go client that shows the hotel gives line of credit) can sign weak spending first inside the consumptive limit that defines beforehand, hind pay checkout.

Agreement of the 2nd chapter is signed

The 3rd client list that enjoys this hotel consumer credit and enjoyable line of credit (the ceiling) that can sign sheet, the important level that reachs pair of groups according to client credit jointly with financial department by hotel sale ministry puts forward, newspaper hotel general manager is examined and approve.

The hotel should join passenger source circumstance and state of supply and demand of battalion transport fund, make highest credit total spend, spend in the forehead inside the specific line of credit that masters the client amount that can grant line of credit and each client.

General manager of hotel of the 4th classics examines and approve affirmed credit client, be in charge of be being signed with its by sale ministry " agreement of consumer credit of limited company of big public house of town of celestial being peach " (quadruplication, bilateral each hold two; Particular form sees accessory; Agreement of credit of the following abbreviation.

Hotel of specific plan definitive edition can give credit client highest line of credit in this agreement (consume the forehead that sign sheet to spend namely) of the checkout method that the money consumes with what exceed line of credit inside the project that can consume with this line of credit, line of credit, line of credit adjust measure, can enjoy line of credit to sign; Controller of consultative classics both sides (or accredit person) autograph, after building unit official seal, formal go into effect is carried out.

The 3rd chapter signs sheet to register debt

Client of the 5th credit signs weak specific spending to control way:

One, the credit agreement that signs formally, by sale ministry newspaper financial department files, financial department is in charge of computer

The maintenance of the data, inform each receive silver-colored place to master the agreement;

2, the responsibility person that can enjoy line of credit to sign single limits of authority, must be the responsibility person that the regulation makes clear in credit agreement, and must be original autograph sheet;
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