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Business accounting of financial department keeper member post duty
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1, the system of each financial management that implements formulate strictly and system of handling of goods.

2, keeper must everyday the spot checks and accept goods and materials, had checked and accept good goods and materials say to close, to inventory goods and materials should abide by first-in first-out, the goods and materials with easy degenerative be affected with damp be affected with damp should undertake ted, prevent metamorphism of mildew and rot, wait for important goods and materials with oil to food must of stock production manufacturer " 4 card " Xerox is checked with making, wait like flour, butter, soy to the raw material that uses directly must sealed and custodial the place in safety, prevent somebody to send poison.

3, all sorts of food goods and materials inside storehouse must be classified put orderly, set label, prevent a fault to use.

4, the keeper is in charge of all storeroom neat sanitation works, had done 7 prevent (gas defence, fire prevention, prevent rat, insect-resistant, prevent steal, moistureproof, mouldproof) the job.

5, must carry out what the center sets strictly to get makings system, shipment, square up should have receive makings sheet, put in storage of goods and materials should build the job of account, day business accounting that got makings sheet to make good team and group that day according to each team and group in time, combinative personal computer collects the turnover forms for reporting statistics that silver-colored system prints, had made business day etc.

6, cooperate finance affairs to check personnel to be in lunar batholith library, accomplish conform to of account other people, account is clear, stipulate by the center time makes lunar etc.

7, the rice that uses to the dining room, face, light gas, burden, flavoring use up must accomplish know fairly well, shift to an earlier date a week puts forward replenish onr's stock to plan to division commander of dining room manager, hutch, after classics approval seasonable to purchase door of Ministry of Supply to hand in replenish onr's stock to plan sheet, the dosage that wait must carry vegetable to report for duty the plan before today purchase a ministry.

8, the keeper has no right to sell the inventory goods and materials that enters a dining room, need to make over the goods and materials with allocate and transfer, the manager that must purchase via the director is approved.

9, the keeper is in charge of custodial dining room all of appliance of total fixed assets, hutch, home, running stores, fixed assets and furniture should establish account, build card, get with, v, discard as useless must examine and approve with head of director of classics of written report form, agree rear can deal with, do good belongings to transfer the work that register, should build to running stores get with register this, must have get choose and employ persons to sign personally.
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