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Tea building fund runs a system
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LY: ; Mso-ascii-font-family of body of the Song Dynasty: 'Times New Roman'; Mso-hansi-font-family: All personnel of 'Times New Roman'"> need fibrous root occupies lawful, complete primitive proof, by the regulation stickup, write bill of the write-off that make a cable.

1, the main demand of primitive proof

Content of 1) primitive proof must have: The name of the proof; Fill the date that makes a certificate; Fill make proof unit name perhaps write the full name that makes a person; Of agency staff sign or affix one's seal; Accept the name of proof unit; Via the content of battalion business, amount, unit and amount.

2) from outside the primitive evidence that the unit obtains, must accord with national bill card to run way, build have fill the official seal that makes an unit; From the primitive evidence that the individual obtains, must have write the sign one's name that makes staff or affix one's seal. Self-restrained and primitive proof must have agency unit leader or the sign one's name that its designate personnel or affix one's seal.

3) every fills the primitive evidence that has capitalization or amount of the ordinary form of a Chinese numeral, capitalization and the ordinary form of a Chinese numeral must conform to. Buy the primitive certificate of objective, must have sheet of put in storage or check and accept a proof; Pay the primitive voucher of money, the gathering that must have gathering unit proves.

One type of 4) the primitive proof of a few couplet, should make clear the utility of each couplet, and can regard gathering as the proof with one couplet only. The bill of a few couplet mixes one type receipt, must use double-faced carbon (the except that bill and receipt itself have carbon function) set write.

5) classics concerns the economic professional work that the branch approves, ought to regard primitive proof as accessory the file of approval. If approve what the file needs alone file, person of approval branch, date, approval ought to be made clear to reach on the proof " original files " model of written characters; If approve a file to involve,two render an account content, can add original among them bill of a newspaper is occupied, another makes clear original to be in " × × renders an account in " model of written characters.

2, the specific provision with primitive stickup proof:

1) is in admiral of blank expense account is primitive render an account the proof is falling by small bill, big bill asks in what go up, from right to Zun Chengjie ladder shape is ordinal and stickup; If bill is less, can be in directly the opposite of formal expense account is stickup (the front of the front of primitive proof and expense account is the same as to) ; If note is more, can go up in expense account of much Zhang Kongbai stickup.

2) already will fill in ending formal expense account is stickup what already had stickinging is primitive submit an expense account on the blank expense account of the proof (be opposite left neat stickup) .
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