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Belongings of hotel finance affairs runs a system
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General principles criterion

The first to do well hotel management, manage good property, lengthen belongings to use fixed number of year, take strict precautions against keep long in stock of goods and materials and grandiose waste, develop the efficiency of belongings adequately, must strengthen property management, achieve best result. Hold to hardworking and thrifty to do the fundamental of the hotel, insist to accumulate fund, expanded reproduction principle.

According to finance affairs the system sets the 2nd, belongings differentiates for: Fixed assets, running stores and fragmentary article.

1. running stores and article are purchased take up as circulating fund, get charge list is made when using.

2. does well property management, must control belongings strictly to buy the examination of the plan please, and purchase specificly, check and accept, put in storage, receive hair, custodial, maintenance, maintain, the formalities such as caustic of compensation, newspaper.

3.Build perfect system of post responsibility, use branch executes norm management, each belongings is pressed " uniform name " page of Zhang of setting of unified classification number, Zhang gets stuck. Manage by different levels, check regularly, check, conform to of requirement Zhang, card, content.

Faculty of the 3rd hotel must abide property management system self-consciously, cherish hotel belongings, make hotel belongings does not get one encroach.

1.Departmental door (team and group) pressing " canal of somebody of thing other people, everybody has specific responsibility " principle, conduction belongings is checked and accept, get with wait for formalities, appropriate is custodial, managing use, be maintained in time and maintain.

2.Want rewards and punishment trenchant, to always cherishing hotel belongings, the person that implement a system seriously gives praise with award, to custodial not to be pooh-poohed, the person that disobey belongings of hotel of attaint of system without reason, want to offer criticism, education, down to recoups pecuniary loss, extremely serious person should be concerned disciplinary sanction.

Of the first belongings differentiate

The 4th fixed assets: By the hotel loan is purchased or by the regulation standard qualification turns into use property to be fixed assets.

1. unit value is in 1000 yuan of above (contain 1000 yuan of) , use fixed number of year is fixed assets in the belongings of a year of above; Unit value although under formulary level, but the main belongings that does business for the hotel (bed of sofa, sofa, carpet) also should regard fixed assets as.

2. building, building and the accessory equipment that cannot part, unit value although under formulary level, but also answer uniform include fixed assets.

The 5th running stores: The does not accord with fixed assets standard management appliance that purchases by hotel circulating fund is running stores.
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