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Pay attention to fundamental management to strengthen hotel assets to superinten
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-- spirit of hotel property company refines service and administrative job sidelights

Zhang Zong of combinative group company makes the speaking mind that the spot meets in careful chemical industry, in showing to supervise the work in hotel assets to refine essence of life service concept body further, raise hotel assets to govern working quality stage by stage, we are visited through the spot, the informal discussion is listened to rectify and reform opinion, actively, feedback information and strengthen day-to-day management to wait for a measure, be made clear further and refined each job job.

One, visit 3 hotel, modest listen to an opinion

Arrange according to working 2006, we serve aggrandizement consciousness, strengthen the job to communicate, be improved continuously and improve interior management, utmost ground develops oneself function, label one of annual key jobs. 3-4 month, property company is in charge of asset

The leader that supervises work of the job, plan financial management guides departmental door to be in charge of a comrade, visit 3 hotel respectively, hold the spot to do consortium, listen to an opinion seriously, search hotel assets to manage the problem of the respect. What this action got each restaurant is active cooperate, about sectional comrade speak out freely, communicate working result. Carry this kind of kind, we discover in time and summed up the problem that in working before, exists and inadequacy, specific aim ground put forward what work next to improve measure.

2, refine management further with the system

The basis is right of 3 restaurant visit and comb the problem that exists in job of hotel asset management before seriously, we drafted early or late " about explain the additional provision that buys fixed assets " , " the working program that builds about the project " wait for administrative measure. To fixed assets explain buy the newspaper that reachs hotel project to transform a project to approved a program to have farther standard, ensure explain the earnest sex that buys a newspaper to approve a document and sex of effectiveness for a given period of time. Our do one's best is mixed through the standard of the system perfect, refine essence of life further service concept carries out each job in.

3, cogent in refining essence of life service concept to fulfil the day-to-day superintendency work of hotel assets

Hotel assets manager is property company serves the window at restaurant directly. We will strengthen asset manager professional knowledge to groom this year, be assessed strictly daily and supervise and urge the budget that restaurant strengthens asset management and plan sex serve as those who do good hotel assets to supervise the work to cut a point, raise specific requirement. Requirement every asset manager must hep restaurant the value of every fixed assets, category, use condition, whether to need is maintained and change to asset should have foresight, have the effect that manages at restaurant to the service truly. We put forward, asset manager should accomplish 5 to strengthen in the job:
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