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Orgnaization of accountant of hotel finance affairs is in-house
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Total cashier

The duty of total cashier is:

(The cash income of all dots receiving silver mixes 1) responsible hotel turn the collection of Zhang bill, arrange, dot nucleus and send put a bank or wait for matters concerned to bank conduction collection.

(The cash that 2) is in charge of paying a hotel money of cancel from an account of departmental door newspaper and sign and issue all sorts of payment check.

(3) is in charge of be being contacted with bank and exchange control branch, handle matter of concerned settle accounts, processing concerns settle accounts issue, be in charge of the income and expenses of account


(4) is in charge of prepare each a shot in the locker and be being supervised, the use case that supervises a shot in the locker.

Audit department

The duty of audit department is:

(The business income that 1) is in charge of examine and verify receiving silver-colored dot and each to be handed in about the branch each is primitive the data such as receipt, forms for reporting statistics, if discover the mistake should correct processing in time, in order to ensure each income does not have the hotel correctly by accident.

(2) is in charge of arranging, hotel of classification, collect does business entirely income Zhang is odd, work out business daily, business monthly magazine.

(3) responsible analysis and statistic all sorts of business income are mixed in time to senior administrator concerned branch provides accurate management information.

(4) is in charge of the business report of custodial and departmental door, each order and its accessory, original bill.

General component is audit department nightly audit and daytime audit.

Credit accepts Zhang ministry

The responsibility that credit accepts Zhang ministry is:

(1) is participated in make hotel credit policy.

(The financial condition circumstance that 2) is in charge of investigating the unit that will give credit advantage and individual and settle accounts are recorded.

(3) responsible examine and verify and record are of all kinds and receivable Zhang money.

(4) is in charge of urging close to control fund of of all kinds and receivable Zhang with management.

(5) is in charge of computation, examine and verify the commission of each travel agent.

(6) is in charge of handling client imprest.

(7) is responsible and of all kinds bad Zhang and the processing that go odd.

Into cadre

The duty of cost ministry is:

(1) responsible business accounting and control hotel expenditure of each operating costs, below the premise that assures hotel business quality, drop cost job hard.

(The management of the storehouse such as water of 3) responsible food, wine, commodity, refrigeratory controls the job.
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