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Characteristic meal creates countless miracles into popular trend
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People says " 1 " this number is the most lonely figure, but the characteristic dining-room that is like the emerge in large numbers like emerge, can attract a large number of customers with its uniqueness however. Some dining-room and street booth dot are rolling out a few distinctive sheet to taste -- hamburger, belgian chips, small scone is grain products even, they opened broad meal market however with a kind of food. Normally, these characteristic food can point a considers country condition in your heart, let you get drunk, so that you cannot move footstep.

Having a classical memory is the perfect combination of macaroni and cheese. "We were attracted from 1 year old till 100 years old of deadbeat. " Er of E Kai of · of the tower in Sa (SaritaEkya, new York S ' the associated author of MAC dining-room) say, "We relied on public praise according to legend to attract many customer merely. "We relied on public praise according to legend to attract many customer merely..

Although national restaurant association (NationalRestaurantAssociation) even does not have any research about characteristic meal, does association study with information center senior vice president breaths out De Sen? Lucky Er (HudsonRiehle) says however, characteristic meal is a kind of trend, future will be more popular. The sale 2007 will obtain American meal line of business 537 billion dollar. "Because meal industry had shown growth tendency, will go down continuously, more and more businessmen can develop characteristic meal centrally. " lucky Er says.

He predicts, very simple characteristic meal resembles grain products waiting will agree with this kind of trend. "Old meeting is new and popular. For instance adust cheese led food tide now, and the treatment craft that one differs, next gather together the customer with one potential swarm, satisfied their different gust requirement. Satisfied their different gust requirement..

Lucky Er place says, be located in division collect to help much city just about " Cha De's cate -- adust cheese " (Chedd ' the business that the introducer of SGourmetGrilledCheese) is doing. 2003, rash benefit of cloth of heart gram · (DirkBruley) and his wife Wendy (the Weisikangxin that Wendy) begins to love most with them does cheese test, combination gives different special flavor. Nowadays, adust cheese has been become " Chademei is fed " fascia, keep supplying day and night everyday, you are OK perhaps do the choice in cheese to give different taste from 35 kinds of Weisikangxin from the characteristic taste that amounts to 25 kinds, free combination matchs into the local color that he likes. They pull much city to have two storefront in division collect, at present Fu mixes Bululifu the business is companionate -- case of outstanding rice · pulls eminent (JamieJalazo) is in complete United States to undertake concessionary chain is managed.

As to sale, they do not need. Resemble S ' MAC, case pulls eminent to say them according to legend of special support public praise, also realized gain. Although did not leak sale data, but case pulls eminent to say them already gain, the sale twice 2006 grows. They also want to go to attention billabong on other product without the plan. Case pulls eminent to say: Unplug cheek invades emperor to steal deceive to say the ブ Song Yi that make the same score Cui ∑ of ┬ of suddenly of summary left-eyed flounder divides Lou of provide for Qi of Yi Jiang of N of Suan of record of industry of unlined upper garment of  of chasm harmonious escape envy of  of 3 swollen bridle suckles Ba of antrum of Zheng   ⑶ of farsighted  of tiny fragments of stone of  of Yan  ostrich! ?
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