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Chongqing meal industry will choose baby of Olympic Games cate
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The edge has a meal, the edge sees an Olympic Games, the edge enjoys the service of cate baby. Yesterday, feed TV station of chamber of commerce of meal of culture seminar, Chongqing, Chongqing by Chongqing China " feed in China " wait for initiated Olympic Games baby of · Chongqing cate is large selection activity begins to start. The organizing committee says, this cate baby is chosen, aim to raise Chongqing meal to serve quality, advocate healthy cate, push Chongqing cate, beautiful scenery, belle to the world

As we have learned, choose this begin to sign up from March 8, through signing up sea choosing, commissioner is met primary election, divisional race, concentration the link such as finals, half an year of last a period of time, the Olympic Games kicked off on August 8 that day, selection result is announced, will judge an ambassador of Chongqing cate figure cate of 50 name, Chongqing cate of 10 great beauties, Chongqing cate of ambassador of 10 big smiles, Chongqing ambassador of 10 old culture and Chongqing cate baby a certain number of.

Yesterday, bi Mai of president of precious of hill of hill of fierce of relevant controller, Chongqing represents the organizing committee, this sea choosing basically is aimed at personnel of Wu of meal business dress, the age is in 18-36 one full year of life, height can sign up in 1.55 meters of above. Baby of selection Olympic Games, not only it is to visit appearance, still basically will inspect its whether moral, outstanding achievement, rich passion and group spirit, consecratory spirit and social sense of responsibility, the person that all is elected, servive routine will still be engaged in in respective post, and hang out one's shingle serve.

The organizing committee says, the fairness that chooses to assure baby of this Olympic Games is just, will collect a commissioner publicly to the society, in all 12, include meal industry the senior personage, personage such as artistic bound, cultural circles, at the same time each rounds of selection result will undertake fair show.