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Company of chain of Chinese meal drink chooses planning capital to run accelerat
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Experienced tens of year accumulate indefatigably, meal course of study greeted the period of outspread development, after afterwards Quan Jude appears on the market successfully, head of fish of spruce Changjiang Delta, small fat sheep, Tan, one tea sits, the large-scale meal chain such as true kongfu manages an enterprise to express to had gotten ready in succession luggage is hurried off to appear on the market.

China interlinks management association to sponsor " seminar of strategy of development of chain of course of study of meal of the 6th China " divulge, the Chinese meal business that wins favour of venture capital investment ceaselessly already aimed at capital to run on the road of seek dilate. Industry expert introduces, the meal that attains certain scale interlinks an enterprise more and more be favorred by venture capital investment, last year on March 30, flavour 1000 (China) announce to appear on the market in Hong Kong, make a home abroad the outback meal enterprise that appear on the market; Subsequently, one tea takes Shanghai recreational dining-room to announce to finish the financing of venture capital investment of 10.68 million dollar the 2nd round again; On October 25, chinese style snack interlinks east wind of market of capital of true kongfu have the aid of, acquire business of two venture capital investment 300 million yuan of RMBs invest. Right now, the arms of file leader of industry of old name meal that lands field of A stock market -- Quan Jude is mixed with confidence to the successor hope. Relevant investigation shows, the meal chain company of 48% chooses planning capital to run accelerate dilate, the company that has 6% only among them states he has gotten ready luggage hurries off to the road that appear on the market.

To Chinese meal enterprise appear on the market upsurge, many expert moods are dispassionate. They express in succession, major company still owes duration, be in with respect to expression above all the doorsill of meal course of study is low, the interior management of the enterprise is confused, quality of proprietor of an enterprise is low, the its some that runs to capital knows nothing about; It is the preparative time inadequacy that appear on the market secondly, most meal enterprise manages a trend to interlink the time that runs normally not to exceed 10 years from only store, dimensions changes most meal enterprise to also 6 come 8 years time just.

To this, china interlinks Chudong of head of management academician department to suggest, meal company should appear on the market should drill first good exercise to benefit the internal organs, want to have scientific strategic research and development, make clear, effective strategic administration plan; The person with ability that builds lasting effect is introduced and develop a mechanism; Take fundamental construction seriously, especially of standardization management manual make; Take brand strategy seriously adequately, recursive management is fundamental, make hundred years brand.
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