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Contemporary meal hotel takes E period
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All the time since, the hotel meal course of study in people impression is the industry with a technical not high content, "4 pieces of 3 two kitchen knife, cook, tables " can open a store.

But, in recent years, as the west contemporary meal manages a concept introduce, course of study of our country meal also produced the change of world-shaking, people stays in only no longer to the requirement of meal industry " hotel, cafes " on level, meal also should have content of science and technology. Nowadays, discover not hard in the hotel meal inn of Dalian. Already every detail that more and more modern electron equipment applied guest room, have dinner, palmtop computer orders dishes, elevator passes Lai, guest room to receive TMs... this a series of the E times breath that change made us deep-felt experience hotel meal course of study.

Golden sea big public house

Palmtop computer orders dishes to be nodded namely do namely

Last on the weekend, miss Wang and domestic person come to Jin Hai big public house undertakes the family dines together, one everybody child 956 individual gabble ground nodded element of 20 cold hot meat or fish, see the clerk between the bag is taking the caddy of a rectangle in the hand only, taking · to raise electronic pen, bang bang was nodded a few times, menu falls. After 20 minutes. The meal with one reeky table go up desk. Miss Wang is feeling puzzled why to order dishes the speed of serving is compared before fast when the half, clerk young lady opened this among them mystery. "This is a hotel newest use HP PDA orders dishes computer of the treasure in the palm, every value 3000 multivariate. This computer memory has all menu inside the hotel, want a client to speak dish name only, the clerk needs to be searched with electronic pen only click data of OK and rapid v, after whole menu affirms through the client, click on the treasure in this palm again ' affirm ' , the hutch after data is delivered with respect to ground of the classify on meeting horse, the chef of responsible cold dish, hot food and staple food can receive a piece of bill immediately, begin to machine. Begin to machine..

Get together elevator of chaffy dish of treasure grand seafood passes dish computer to feel screen settle accounts

With vogue high-grade and celebrated get together chaffy dish of treasure grand seafood, it is the example of contemporary meal enterprise absolutely. No matter be the natural conch mosaic that is stuck on wall, still have the lighting system of self-adjusting function, get together treasure grand is reflecting contemporary breath on every detail of have dinner. Will get together treasure grand have dinner, the system of settle accounts of computer feeling screen that those who make person impression most deep is here and elevator sending dish.

Get together chaffy dish of treasure grand seafood is gross 4, each computer that has an ark type feels system of screen settle accounts, when the client needs settle accounts, the clerk needs to rely on to feel means to input the client's room or seat sign only, click again " settle accounts " , computer can print an all consumptive detail immediately; If the client needs to remove wine water, also can come true with machine revise.
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