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Course of study of meal of stage city urban district confronts clerk crop failur
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"Raises " , " the bag eats " ... these pay look pretty pretty good, but make inquires of rare still person, the urban district the merchant of a lot of cafeteria very felt puzzled --

Enrol a clerk how so difficult

"Sincere hire a clerk a certain number of names, the bag eats encase, pay from actor " , "Hire a clerk urgently 5, monthly pay 800-1200 yuan, the bag eats " ... these days, the business street of developing zone of stage state economy that walks to develop in meal course of study, see placard of such invite applications for a job everywhere, small restaurant gave out large volume to hire almost " help sb to deal with an emergency makes " . The reporter investigates discovery, clerk of urban meal course of study is short of urgently, a lot of cafeteria leave piece " raises " wait for favourable condition, but still unintelligible the thirsty that uses worker worker.

Go up salary enrols a clerk hard also

"Help wanted stuck month of one or two, but do not enrol even a clerk to now. " yesterday, mr Liu of shop of a plain food is pointing to business street of developing zone of stage state economy inn doorway has sent placard of yellow invite applications for a job that piece, forced smile is worn say to the reporter, "You look again, the cafeteria near this is in action, enrol a clerk now, seeming is like grabbing a talent. Seeming is like grabbing a talent..

The cafeteria of Mr Liu left to had had more than one year, the business all the time pretty is good. The Spring Festival returned time of Sichuan old home this year, but after thinking of to come back, the clerk can be enrolled so hard. "Search easily still last year, do not know how to return a responsibility this year. " he of one face indissoluble, "If be not enrolled again, only again raises. Only again raises..

Mr Ruan that opens seafood wine shop on highway of the East China Sea encountered such difficult problem as much.

What refer enrols a clerk is not easy, mr Ruan one face is helpless. "Do not have method, be forced to call up a few kin to help. " he is forced to use such method first, "But this also is temporary, not be long way, cannot solve a problem. Cannot solve a problem..

The reporter turned in urban high street circuit, the restaurant with greatly small discovery exists generally " the clerk is thirsty " phenomenon.

When a large snack interviews even locksmith, inn just tells a reporter, to enrol satisfactory clerk, they exhausted pains, it is the wage that raises a clerk above all, every months from last year 1000 yuan raised 1200 yuan; Shortened again next work time, cancel previously from the system that does evening early, execute in rotation to make; The 3rd, still relaxed condition, although do not have experience OK also. But, although such, enrol a clerk very hard still.

The reason pretty with be hired difficult is much

Raises, bag eats, reduce labor intensity, reduce the demand that use worker worker... these look the condition with pretty good pretty, attract for what not bearer?
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