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Drive hutch dining-room runs southeast Asia food festival
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Hotel of flower emperor recreation will this month 15 to 30 days, hold in dining-room of hutch of this hotel drive " southeast Asia food festival " . The buffet of this dining-room will add element of southeast Asia cate, roll out 餚 of beautiful of characteristic of tunnel of star, horse, peaceful. To cooperate the theme of buffet, dining-room general wholeheartedly 佈 buy, add set Malaysia and play of Thailand tradition dancing, bring cate of client southeast Asia amorous feelings.

Wang Zhenchang of total hutch of Wu Zhenyuan of inspector general of department of meal of hotel of flower emperor recreation and administration, introduce to medium of HongKong and Macow yesterday " southeast Asia food festival " content. They express, buffet introduces element of southeast Asia cate, give a client more option, dining-room pays close attention to the client's taste, except maintain alimental outside original gust, can reach food air officer the client is acceptability hot degree. To cooperate food festival theme, dining-room classics wholeheartedly 佈 buy, decoration and uniform are borrow from consulate on a special trip or place is bought, the folk-custom dance that performs a tradition from the member that Malaysia and Thailand invite local dancing " bamboo dance " reach " Thailand dance " , your client is like place oneself southeast Asia. Hold big lottery at the same time, every client person has an opportunity to win take star, horse, peaceful to make a round trip airline ticket, advanced hotel housing and meal ceremony certificate.