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Shaanxi telecommunication rolls out digital meal to serve integratedly
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Shaanxi telecommunication rolls out digital meal to serve integratedly

Taste dish move electrify to inspect from traditional menu, when the guest is ordering dishes, the characteristic that can hear dish to taste already introduces, can see what dish tastes cook a process again, dot eat also had more knowledge to cate at the same time. This kind passes what IPTV undertakes " TV orders dishes " be by Chinese telecommunication Shaanxi branch rolls out " digital meal " new service. A few days ago, new experience of this kind of brand-new the have dinner that order meal is passed in numerous deadbeat for a story pasted on with approval.

Last year, shaanxi branch " number knowledgeable person " the resource industry such as associated meal businessman, roll out the center that order meal jointly, offer meal information inquiry, traffic to show road, repast is booked for the user wait for a service, be welcomed by broad consumer, attracted many 1000 businessman to join in. On this foundation, shaanxi branch " date 100 " advantage of combinative oneself resource, farther outspread serve to the information of each meal businessman, rolled out " digital meal " informatization application solution, the function such as short message of have the aid of, IPTV, reveal businessman storefront, dish department, dish tastes the form that reachs cooking process to be broadcasted through video, let repast user understand the meal culture that the businessman communicates, help user realizes the fast service that order meal. Publicize businessman figure at the same time, promotion serves class, attract more customer.

Get as Xi'an meal army person hotel of a small room of holy a person of extraordinary powers is right " digital meal " be profuse in praise. This hotel manager expresses, they are between the hall and every bag inside opened IPTV, taste oneself characteristic dish kimono Wu to make short undertake broadcasting. Pass these characteristic information reveal, let a client in time understand somewhat to repast environment, dish is tasted and serving characteristic. When especially the client needs to order dishes, the clerk passes a remote controller, can taste the dish of each dish the characteristic to be revealed one by one on TV come out. "It is cookbook is between the guest previously pass round for perusal, need to saw TV go together only now, let repast client add many impression to divide to the hotel " . In addition, IPTV still can make guests optional choose watched TV program, and answer see all programs inside 48 hours, go up to dining table smooth add many pleasure.