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Tower of cemetery accept bone is built so that resemble curtilage dining-room
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Member Lin Zhen public place builds tower of bone of accept of the first cemetery, the end of this month be about to formal completion is enabled, because this is located in the accept bone tower on half way up the mountain, exterior design jumps to have a pattern already, cooperate week of hill that meet with and tree, the villatic a person of extraordinary powers that many peoples still think is whose home curtilage, or it is new the curtilage dining-room that open business.

Member forest tower of bone of accept of the first cemetery costs 100 million 6 ten million, design and build extremely exquisite, if not be outside outer land fair God, looking to go out at all is an accept bone tower.

Alcalde Wu Zongxian is very satisfactory such compasses picture, he points out, the first cemetery covers an area of 18 hectare, after change bury, the 5 hectare next door will by in monarch of city technology institute is a playground, the picture of compasses of a big land criterion on the side is environmental protection park, as ghastly as traditional cemetery impression is disparate, will become in the future east the main and recreational place of division people.

Civil administration class grows Li Xiuyin to point out, the accept bone tower of 3 buildings sets anatomy ark 5055, ark of ashes of the dead 18293, ark of ashes of the dead of type of husband and wife 934, god advocate memorial tablet 2880. Annual and clear and bright in reaching yuan two open people pay homage to, ask master Song classics additionally in order to comfort first clever.

Public place Yu Nian 8 days (the traditional Chinese calendar on Feburary 21) hold igneous general to spend a ceremony, attend the people that general spends of purpose, can ask with place in long or adjacent is long connection.