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Lu ave makes market of brand of sanitation of Beijing southwest meal on the west

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Through the joint efforts of wholesome superintendent and meal enterprise, ave of room hill Ou Xilu already by preliminary make market of brand of sanitation of meal of the southwest that it is Beijing.

2004, according to whole town demand, fang Shan area started meal course of study to quantify manage by different levels the job. By 2004, fang Shan area held the plenary meeting that give a shop sign, it is 18 to obtained unit of class A meal to undertake giving a shop sign first. Up to by December 2007, fang Shan area is right already 1551 meal course of study had whole area entirely grade assess, evaluate an unit of food sanitation class A in all 64; B class unit 716; C class unit 771. Among them, restaurant of 13 SamSung class all is judged to be class A; One star and 2 stars restaurant 13, among them class A 2, b class 11. At present level already all obtained 3 characteristic dining-room and business of 23 chain meal B class above.

Catch while good evaluation and follow-up are superintended, fang Shan area promotes course of study of whole area meal wholesome standard hard, found food sanitation to quantify manage by different levels demonstrative project, the plan makes country of good people of Fang Shan division sanitation of Lu ave food sets an example on the west a street, fan out from point to area drives the promotion of grade of sanitation of circumjacent meal course of study. On June 8, 2007, sanitation of health bureau of Fang Shan area supervised place to start sanitation of provision of trade of meal of Fang Shan area formally to quantify classification set an example project of a street. Ave of Xi Lu of countryside of good people of Fang Shan division and its periphery are course of study of this area meal center an ave most, unit of mutual greatly small meal 24, quality of personnel of establishment of soft hardware of each unit sanitation, wholesome condition, operator is differ, at the same time this street still gathered together unit of meal of characteristic dining-room, chain, how to these unit sanitation the level promotes an administrative levels and try to maintain, become sanitation to control superintendency key problem. Sanitation of Fang Shan area supervises place to assemble above all 9 wholesome supervisor are in charge of this job technically, each meal unit understands supervisor development circumstance, build detailed table Zhang for these units, list its put the issue that be in, guidance is rectified and reform. Be aimed at situation of good and evil people mixed up of meal of ave of original Xi Lu, instability, wholesome superintendent is chased door have careful examination, offer corresponding directive opinion respectively. Through indefatigable effort, lu ave has 24 meal unit on the west full already evaluation ends, among them class A 5, b class 19, implemented embryonic form of meal brand street.

Maintain to defend each unit unripe level, sanitation supervised place to still take a series of step, for example and street agency combination groom to develop relevant knowledge from personnel of course of study, extend a letter that sends meal unit, begin street conduct propaganda energetically, to refuse to mend one's ways despite of repeated admonition person increase condemnatory strength, wait a moment to giving according to operator without card announcement is banned. Invite an area to evaluate a leader at the same time the group is nonsked undertake trends is supervised, while to meal the unit is checked, also undertake test to the job of supervisor.
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