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Chophouse of test of standard of Ministry of Public Health

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Spread all over the chophouse at ave lane, because economy is substantial, become average citizen often the place to go of patronage. Up to last year November, the chophouse amount that 50 square metre of our city control amounts to more than 12710. But, the sanitation of chophouse is like person meaning very much since the state is long-term, it is the topic that common people care pays close attention to all the time, also be door of Ministry of Public Health superintend " long-standing " problem. Annual, ministry of Public Health can is opposite " food sanitation is supervised quantify manage by different levels guideline " medium " daily sanitation controls meal line of business quantify grading to express " undertake edit and be perfectinged, but ask with uniform wholesome standard snack bar and astral class hotel, apparent not quite reasonable. For this, ministry of Public Health last year the end of the year increases first came on stage " snack bar kind daily sanitation controls meal line of business quantify grading to express " , made detailed provision to the wholesome requirement of chophouse. This year, this regulation will be carried out in the round in be superintended daily.

Sanitation of current situation snack bar nots allow hopeful

Yesterday midday, bearer of the person in inn of a on golden canalage cool skin is gone to. Inside the room that controls in 10 square metre, distributinging move 3 stall, approaching an entrance is steamed bun of clip selling the meat, arenaceous boiler sells on its, toward in be on a few paces to sell cool skin namely, corridor is not worth a meter. Those who sell fleshy clip steamed bun is a pair of middleaged men and womens, 2 people are oily both hands is very busy, knead face, clip to be over money is taken directly after steamed bun. The employer that sells cool skin also is to receive fund at the same time, cut leather at the same time. Inside this inn, the reporter did not see any alexipharmic equipment. The guest uses the bowl that pass or arenaceous boiler, it is simple after be being rinsed, use again.

An undergraduate that having a meal here expresses helplessly to the reporter: "What idea is there? Open an eye, close a key point, patchy move eats! Cannot truer. " similar such snack bar, the ave lane in the our city is very general, also have very much representative. Operator sanitation consciousness is thin, carelessly wholesome detail, tableware is not disinfected or disinfection flows at the form, not congruent and wholesome safe hidden trouble collects healthy card in all the time.

Superintendency difficulty of problem manpower inadequacy is great

Sanitation of area of wild goose tower supervises an assistant director Li Xinmao to say, at present this area shares of all kinds cafeteria more than 1700, among them the small restaurant under 50 square metre has 1100 or so. In be being superintended daily, like the standard of astral class restaurant, according to Ministry of Public Health " daily sanitation controls meal line of business quantify grading to express " undertake to chophouse reasonable be short of quantify; According to relevant requirement, the area ratio between the dining-room inside chophouse of provision of wholesome supervisory section and operation should be 2 ∶ 1. But boss of a few cafeteria for gain, attend to enlarges business area and narrow only the area between the operation, create the area between the operation thereby narrow, wholesome and safe hidden trouble is much. And a few chophouse inside the village in the city, some reluctance are achieved extend the standard of wholesome licence, have some of essential and insufficient requirement, but the cafeteria that asks to short of in real work is banned it is very difficult however to rise. For the cafeteria with giant to the amount photograph, area of wild goose tower is in charge of the supervisor of cafeteria having 12 only, do other work even daily, want to superintend all cafeteria difficulty very big.
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