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Plain Guizhou delegacy couplet sleeves be stationed in a country 2 action dining

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Into the State Council that is stationed in Beijing Xizhimen the countrywide person congress of the 2nd hostel discusses delegacy, as it happens is to be fond of the neighbour that feeds chili: Chongqing group and Guizhou are round. For this, the food of 2 action turned the country into prosperous plain food exhibition.

The reporter sees in the spot, the dish that exceeds an in part used chili, fry green vegetables to divide the choke of He Jiagong chili that fries for Qing Dynasty of ─ of two kinds of ─ to fry repeatedly. The classical Mao Xiewang in having plain food and water boil beef, most those who make a person amazed is to still have Chongqing the basin of ─ of ─ of dish of all corners of the country of popularity of this paragraph of time basin shrimp, namely prawn of chili oily stew, the dish name that joins the bid on the card also is originally name of all corners of the country. In addition, every desk puts oily chili oil and short chili, whole the picture of a hot overturn the heavens!

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